Monday September 6 moved from Red and the Black to Dahlak

Well, it’s certainly been an eventful couple of days. I bought a new suit and watched the Night Cheese episode of 30 Rock (NOTE: I didn’t buy the suit to watch the episode). So I was woefully under prepared when our bicolored friends at the Red and the Black announced they have to close on Monday due to an unforeseen construction deadline.

Thanks to Peter Maybarduk and the band that bears his surname, we were able to scramble like tofu to set up a replacement gig that very same night at Dahlak in Adams-Morgan. This change carries a few key advantages over the previous show:

Dahlak is metro accessible (convenient to the U Street and Adams-Morgan stops)
Dahlak serves awesome Eritrean food
Dahlak admits all ages
Dahlak doesn’t charge a cover

…and Dahlak allows us to start the show earlier in the evening at 7 PM. This means all of you that can’t do a late weeknight in the Atlas District can ease into the fall with an evening show on the last day of the last weekend of the last summer of the year.

The lineup is still the same with Maybarduk and the Monkeys and me. Come on out! We can’t wait to see you.


1771 U St NW
Washington, DC 20009
7:00 PM


2 responses to “Monday September 6 moved from Red and the Black to Dahlak

  1. I thought you were going to experiment with a more personal blog format? Now that flying houses is on hiatus, don’t you see how a semi-constructive non-profitable domain can rule by virtue of a personal format? your facebook statuses are not enough for me. i want more. ps congrats on your recent half marathon time.

  2. Yeah, I know. I keep meaning to sit down and come up with a few entries in the style of the old blog but I just haven’t had the time. I’m coming up to an easy couple of months so I might finally be able to force myself to sit and write without allowing for so many distractions. New stuff is coming and it’s coming soon!

    And thanks! It’s been 4 days and I feel like I can finally walk without pain again.

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